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Genealogical Services

What is a "Genealogist"?

Genealogists are people who love family history, and doing research.   They love working on their own family trees, and the family trees of others who seek out their help.   Currently, there are two primary types of genealogical research - traditional and genetic -- and genealogists worldwide often specialize in one, or the other, or both.  They can also specialize by geographic region or time period.  

  • Traditional:  This type of genealogical research generally focuses on the "paper trail" -- census records, birth records, death records, marriage records, wills, land titles, court papers, city directories, church records, family bibles, and more.  Genealogists in the last 30 years have been blessed with a wealth of these types of records available online.  But as many as there are, they are only a fraction of the documents out there available to the public to view.  So genealogists often need to leave their computers and venture out to government agencies, archival libraries, family history libraries, and other repositories to find the information they need -- sometimes venturing out-of-state or even out of the country. 
  • Genetic:  This type of genealogical research is a fairly recent innovation, involving the use of DNA test results to assist in:
    • checking the accuracy of any ancestral paths constructed (are you on the right path?),
    • discovering the migration path your ancient ancestors took out of Africa (haplogroups), and where they settled geographically (your ethnicity),
    • discovering previously unknown cousins who may shed light on previously unknown common ancestors.
Another classification of genealogical research that depends heavily on genetic genealogical research paired with traditional genealogical methods is called Forensic Genealogy, and it can include, but is not limited to:
  • finding the biological parents of an adoptee (or vice-versa),
  • searching for the identity of a missing assailant whose DNA was found at a crime scene,
  • identifying an unknown decedent,
  • finding missing heirs,
  • identifying the remains of military personnel who died in war.

Proof Standards

Finding all of the pertinent documents necessary to definitively answer a research question posed by a client is critical to professional genealogists in order to meet the proof requirements demanded by the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS), as outlined in the book, Genealogy Standards, published by the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG).   It's not enough to pull a couple of documents from the web and be done. We as professional genealogists must meet the GPS standards of accuracy and thoroughness.  So we will review any information the client has previously gathered to ensure its accuracy, and will continue to meet the standards laid out by the GPS throughout the course of the project. 

Although "proof" standards specific to the field of genetic genealogy have been published by a prestigious ad hoc committee made up of highly respected genealogists in the field, they continue to evolve. The original five GPS standards, as well as the 90 genealogical standards published by the BCG still apply to both types of genealogical research.   NOTE: Research derived from genetic genealogical methods alone is not considered "proof" for a genealogical research question. It must be backed up by traditional documentation.

Montgomery Genealogical Services  specializes in both traditional and genetic forms of genealogical research, nationwide.

Our Services

Build Your

Family Trees

Montgomery Genealogical Services (MGS) offers a wide variety of traditional and genetic (DNA) genealogical research and reporting services to build a thorough and proven set of family trees based on your specific research needs.

Each family book project is centered around a "research question" or goal that you specify at the start of the project.  You can provide us with whatever information you already have, or ask us to start from scratch.  This package is perfect for the person applying to a lineage society, such as the Daughters of the  American Revolution (DAR), or the Mayflower Society, or enrollment in a particular Native American tribe.  Typically, a family project will be focused on your paternal line or maternal line, but you can choose to explore both in one project, if you wish. 

The result is one or more professionally-produced ancestral binders detailing the lives of each of the ancestors you requested, including the facts, photos, sources, and "historical perspectives" (the major events that were happening in the world during their lifetime), all in one or more binders that you can enjoy, update as needed, and pass on to your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Assist with Your 


Whether you've been working on your family trees for a few days or for several years, you know how frustrating it can be. Have you encountered a "brick wall" that you simply cannot resolve? Don't feel bad, we've all been there!

Let Montgomery Genealogical Services (MGS) help you break through that "brick wall"! Sometimes it's a case of sloppy enumeration on a census record, or a simple misfiling of an important document, or poor transcription of a hand-written will. Any of these scenarios (and many more) can create a "brick wall' for genealogical research. But I know how to look for the sloppy enumeration, misfiled documents, and poor transcriptions. I can even apply genetic genealogy (DNA) research to the problem, if requested..

Let's get your personal research project back on track!

Commercial/ Gov't Assistance

Montgomery Genealogical Services (MGS) is available to assist law enforcement agencies, attorneys, or asset recovery agencies with both genetic and traditional research methodologies for:

  • Identifying missing heirs
  • Identifying unknown offenders involved in cold cases
  • Identifying family members related to unidentified decedents
Please contact MGS for more information about how MGS can assist.

Service Prices

Compare services and find the best fit for you.

And remember, a 30-minute consultation session is always FREE,

and be sure to ask about our 10% SENIOR DISCOUNT!

Family Tree Book(s)


Per Document w/new fact(s)

Minimum $50


Assist with your research


Per Document w/new fact(s)

Minimum $45



Consulting or Research


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What our customers are saying

I want to thank you again for the excellent genealogical research that you did on my behalf. The book that you compiled for me is an excellent family reference, and it was a pleasure working with you!!!

Jim W., Mesa, AZ